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Telehealth Update

Due to recent government legislative changes  the Medicare-subsidised telehealth services, introduced as a key part of the COVID-19 response, will now be restricted to people who are accessing telehealth consultations as part of receiving care from their regular GP or medical practice. This is part of an overall strategy to promote “continuity of care” with a nominated GP and or practice. 

Patients will now be required to  have had at least one face-to-face consultation in the last 12 months with their nominated general practice, to allow access to telehealth medicare rebates.

This requirement will not be required for people under the age of 12 months, travellers from Victoria or people who are experiencing homelessness. These people will be able to have access to any provider of general practice health care.  

We understand that this might have an unexpected impact on many of our regular GFMP “family” of patients. In particular, for those of you who only need to see your GP every 2-3 years for your health care needs. We want to make sure no one is disadvantaged by this change in the medicare requirements and so will work hard to ensure all peoples healthcare needs are met at all times.

If you would like to have a telehealth appointment but possibly dont meet any of the new requirements, you are still able to access a telehealth appointment but will not receive a government medicare rebate – which means a private fee will apply.  

Alternatively please call the surgery to arrange a face to face consultation if you intend for GFMP to be your regular practice.

Glebe Family Medical Practice

Posted By admin on July 16, 2020