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Vaccinations (Immunisations) at Glebe Family Medical Practice

Immunisation or vaccination protects you and your family against harmful infections or diseases. It works by using your body’s natural defence mechanism – your immune system – to build up your resistance to specific infections.

A vaccine is a very small dose of the weakened or dead bacteria / virus. Vaccines take around 2 weeks to work. We have to give some vaccines several times to build long lasting protection.

At Glebe Family Medical Practice we take into account your full history and circumstances and recommend the immunisation program we think is right for you and your family.

Immunisation for your Child

It is very important to protect your child against serious childhood diseases. We follow the Australian Government’s Child immunisation schedule .


If you are 65 years or over, an Indigenous Australian aged over 50 years or an adult with a chronic illness you have increased risk of contracting influenza (flu) and pneumococcal disease. If you get these diseases they might make you seriously ill and permanently damage your health.

Our Glebe doctors look holistically at your overall health and advise you whether influenza or pneumococcal immunisations is important for you.

You can read more about immunisation for older Australians here.

Pregnancy and Vaccinations

Immunisation is an important way to protect you and your unborn baby against some infections. If you are planning a pregnancy please  make an appointment to see one of our doctors.

We recommend that both parents are up to date with whooping cough vaccination.

During the flu season we recommend influenza immunisation for all pregnant women.

Useful reading:

Pregnancy – Protection and Vaccination from preconception to birth

Smart Vax Program

Smart vax is a new initiative that sends a text message to patients to see if they experience any reactions following an immunisation. The de-identified data is aggregated nationally to provide near real-time vaccination safety monitoring.  For more information please see patient brochure.