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Telehealth Coronavirus Update

As you will be well aware, we are facing extraordinary times during the Covid-19 pandemic and accessing healthcare is not straightforward.

GFMP has therefore adopted some new measures to ensure you can access high quality care at the clinic during these times.

We know that the introduction of phone and video consultations has been scary and challenging for everyone, it is a completely new way for all of us and hence we hope we can make it as easy as possible. This does mean that we will ALL be learning about how to make it work best!

We would ask that you be patient with the doctors, nurses and reception staff as we all learn how to deliver telehealth over the next few weeks. We will work hard to assist you in trying out the telehealth consultations for all of your health care needs. Remembering that telehealth, like face to face consultations, will be completely confidential and designed to protect your privacy at all times. The doctors and nurses will continue to operate out of private consulting rooms whilst conducting these consultations.

GFMP is currently offering 2 telehealth options for you to use:

  1. Telephone – this is straightforward but does mean we need to have a current phone number that you will have with you and available during the time of the scheduled consultation. Ideally, you will also be able to sit in a space that is private so you feel comfortable to talk about anything that may be confidential
  2. Video link – Similarly this is very straightforward so long as you have a “Smart” phone. If in doubt please ask our reception staff. At the time of the appointment we will send a text with a link to your smart phone. You will need to click on the link and then allow the phone to share its camera and audio with us. You will then be directly connected up to the doctor or nurse. Again, it is important that you be in a private place and feel comfortable to talk freely.

The video link is the better option if you have access to a smart phone as it means we can see each other and have a conversation that is much more helpful for both of us.

Here is a brief summary about the changes to consultations that are on offer:

  1. Telehealth consultations rather than face to face for the majority of all our health care services. This will include triage appointments for people concerned about having Covid-19 infection / consultations to discuss health concerns / medication reviews and prescriptions / management of any chronic disease or mental health issues / Diabetes or asthma review / GP Care plans and Team care arrangements / Mental health care plans and reviews. We will also be able to regularly manage patients who are recovering from Covid-19 infection at home.
  2. Face to face consultations for any patients who we will still need to see in the surgery for clinical assessment. This might include antenatal care, baby checks and vaccinations, procedures for contraception or skin lesions and wound care. These consultations will be delivered with full consideration of both your safety and our staff’s safety and so we will be avoiding any waiting times in the waiting room and ensure appropriate protective gear is used during these consultations. This will mean that you can safely have the care that you need and deserve throughout this time.
  3. Flu vaccination clinics that will be run at a separate time to our other clinical sessions.  It is really important to us that as many people as possible are vaccinated against the flu this year to ensure we do not have to face a “double whammy” of both Covid-19 and Flu infections. We are really lucky to be able to have a flu vaccination that can help at this time and it is our hope that we can assist as many people as possible in getting this seasons vaccine.
  4. Finally, we are instituting Telehealth consultations (telephone or video consultation) as the essential first contact with any of our clinical staff. This means that prior to being able to book any face to face clinical consultations everyone needs to have at least one phone or video consultation.  This requirement has been put in place to ensure your particular medical needs can be safely accommodated at all times.

No matter what happens with the Covid-19 infection in our community, our regular health care needs will continue and so it is essential that we have a safe way to interact with you all easily as well as have a safe clinical space to see people who need to be seen face to face.

We look forward to being able to look after your health during these times – and most importantly safely managing both your regular health issues and anything that might arise acutely over the next few months.

Glebe Family Medical Practice

Posted By admin on April 1, 2020